About Irebuild

Based in Devon, Irebuild Building Company offers bespoke environmentally-conscious building and design.

We use the latest sustainable, green construction technologies and methods. Wherever possible, the materials that we use are low-impact, locally-sourced and reclaimed.

Why we’re different from other eco-building companies 

We have a unique circular building ethos. As well as building environmentally-conscious structures, we also believe in giving back to both the environment and to people:

We calculate the embodied energy of our projects and give our clients the opportunity to offset their carbon footprint. 

We also offer employment and education opportunities to vulnerable people through apprenticeships, work, education days and recreational activities like surfing. This means that when you work with Irebuild you can be sure that you are making a charitable contribution and changing people’s lives for the better.

Our services

Located in Exmouth, Devon, our projects range from small-scale home renovations, extensions and conversions, to large-scale new builds and commercial structures.

We offer a wide range of services including: bespoke environmental building consultancy and design, project management, renovations and conversions, historical restorations, and bespoke timber frame construction. 

Where possible, we reclaim, recycle and renovate. We also use the latest sustainable materials and technologies to limit our carbon footprint.

We also design circular energy systems. These include intelligent insulation, the use of earth materials such as cob, rain water collection systems, solar energy, and thermodynamic systems.

One of our projects, Otter Farm, was featured on Channel 4’s Grand Designs. We are also the main contractor for RIBA Award-winning architectural firm, Amin Taha (now known as Groupwork).

You can find out more about our methods and techniques on our eco-building page.

See our brochure

Download a copy of our brochure to learn more about our ethos, past projects and what you can expect from us.