IreBuild offers ecological building and design.

We use the latest innovations in sustainable and environmentally-conscious building techniques. Wherever possible, the materials that we use are natural, locally-sourced, recycled and reclaimed. We endeavour to not only to bring your eco vision to life, but to also reduce our own carbon footprint on the planet.

Employing more than 120 loyal and skilled sub-contractors from around Devon, we offer a wide range of services including: build consultancy and design, project management, renovations and conversions, and bespoke timber frame construction.

Community outreach

When you work with Irebuild, you also support the local community.

Our business offers support, flexibility and training to young people from troubled circumstances. Through apprenticeships, personal mentoring and training with master craftsmen, these individuals are able to gain vital skills and qualifications that enable them to build new futures. Additionally, we offer extreme sports training and mentoring. A key extreme sports mentor for Irebuild is Richard Sills – a local professional surfer who has successfully competed in competitions all over the world. The inclusion of these activities provides an alternative to the bravado associated with drugs and violence, whilst reconnecting the participants to themselves, their coaches, and to nature.

Through Irebuild, these individuals are given a second chance to lead a fulfilling life, often going on to become self-employed with their own independent contracts.


Irebuild is a company that builds with a conscience, and our values are at the heart of everything that we do:

  • Respect for the environment and the local area – as individuals who enjoy the outdoors and participating in extreme sports, we have a great love for the countryside and Devon as a whole.
  • Integrity and generosity – as well as being environmentally and socially conscious, we aim to be honest about the realities of green building and sustainable construction.
  • Serving the local community – by offering training and work opportunities to vulnerable young people, supporting worthwhile charities and causes, and building constructions to be proud of, we strive to support our local community.