The Linhay

The Linhay Project ‘Land Based Learning Centre’ Media Suite and Workshops is one of The Embercombe Building Company Ltd’s flagship projects.

The Linhay

The Linhay (as seen on BBC News) is a community education centre situated in Embercombe, near Exeter, and is a great example of IreBuild’s master craftsmanship and social ethics.

As the main contractor, we facilitated the design and build, the project management, and the site management and construction. Moreover, we carried out an intensive 3 year rehabilitation and up-skilling program for vulnerable people.

Green materials and construction

All of the materials used came from within a 15 mile radius. Every tree was individually selected, and each brick was reclaimed from demolition sites.

The green materials included:

• 83 tonnes of recycled stone and recycled enviroblocks
• 100 tonnes of recycled bricks, salvaged from demolition sites and cleaned by hand
• 300 tonnes of crushed hardcore sourced from the site itself
• 5 tonnes of recycled lathe
• 40 granite plinths handcrafted on site
• All oak timber sourced from nearby forests
• Pulverised Fly Ash (PVA) recycled from power stations
• Clay and shillet used for the cob walls came from the site itself through excavations
• All tiles were stripped from demolition projects

Building people, not just buildings

The majority of the work on The Linhay was carried out by former addicts and offenders as part of our rehabilitation outreach programme.

Supervised by master craftsman, these individuals learned new skills such as labouring, cobbing, lime rendering, traditional stone walling and carpentry.

The Linhay is a terrific example of how we are able to help some of the most vulnerable members of society and build a quality eco-friendly construction that benefits the local community.

Recycled Tiles


Recycled Blocks

m3 Landfill to Cob

Tonnes of Recycled Bricks