Chelsea Flower Show – ‘Places of Change’

Show Garden, 2010

The ‘Places of Change’ Show Garden was created by the Eden Project in partnership with Accenture and a number of agencies representing marginalised groups of people such as the unemployed, the homeless and ex-offenders. This was an ambitious collaboration that aimed to offer opportunities to these groups to develop skills in the design, planning, construction and horticulture for the largest garden in Chelsea’s history.

The garden was set out into 5 themed zones. A timber “spine” (designed by fellow Devonshire company, Carpenter Oak) ran from one end of the garden to the other.

Irebuild provided the timber for the construction of the spine. As in keeping with our environmentally-conscious attitude, the timber was pulled from Irebuild demolition projects in Cornwall. We then delivered the timber to 10 inner-city locations where individuals on the rehabilitation programme worked through aspects of the design. Each of these sections was then brought together as one unit at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Additionally, Irebuild assisted with the construction and building of the spine, and helped to supervise and mentor numerous individuals in the rehabilitation programme. Working with vulnerable people and offering them a second chance to build brighter futures is one of Irebuild’s core values, and is something we endeavour to do on a regular basis.

The garden was a great success, receiving very positive feedback from both the press and members of the public, and went on to win a Silver Medal.