Giving Back

Giving back to Devon and to people

Irebuild is a company that believes in rebuilding lives, not just structures. 

A big part of our ethos is to give education and employment to those in need. We do this through apprenticeships and by working with Exeter Chief’s Hitz Programme (see below).

We also give our clients the opportunity to give back to their local communities.

How Irebuild gives back:

1. Upskilling

Our business offers support, flexibility and training to young people. Many of the people we work with are from troubled circumstances. Specifically, we offer apprenticeships, personal mentoring and training. This allowed participants to gain vital skills and qualifications to build new futures. 

These programmes also include extreme sports training and mentoring. We find that this provides an alternative to the bravado associated with drugs and violence. It also enables participants to reconnect to themselves, their coaches, and to nature.

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2. Community Days

In the case of some of our larger projects (for example, Otter Farm and The Linhay), we invite local schools, young people and adults alike to visit the building site. This is so that they can learn more about construction work and the environment.

In particular, we work with the Exeter Chief’s Hitz programme to offer hands-on education and recreational opportunities to underprivileged young people.

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3. Charitable giving

We offer building expertise, mentoring and recreational activities to local charities and organisations free of charge.

One such example is Bristol Schools Camp, Exmouth, Devon.  Irebuild helped to set up an outreach programme for vulnerable young people. The team provided mentors and activities instructors. Additionally, we provided the setup and general maintenance of Bristol Schools Camp for seven years.

During this time, our team has helped to facilitate outdoor experiences for more than 8500 children.

© Irebuild 2021

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